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Customer: Service Management (C:SM™)

Customer: Service Management. (C:SM™) is a comprehensive approach for success in the “Age of the Customer”. Service Management has been around for many years, but never before has it been focused on the Customer the way it is in C:SM™.


Something as important as the Customer can no longer be assumed, implied,
suggested, or intimated. Customer: Service Management™ puts the Customer at the center – Explicitly!

There is no doubt that the way B2C and B2B business needs to be done to be successful going forward must be different and better, in ways never before imagined. The key rule of the game going forward is: Create and Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences!


  1. Improved level of effective communications across the entire enterprise.
  2. Consistent best-practice approach to providing services both between departments and to outside customers.
  3. Build a culture of practice-practice-practice when it comes to delivering outstanding service by doing it everywhere: every internal service as well as services delivered to outside customers, all based on the number one proven Service Management solution in the world - ITIL®.
  4. Enterprise-wide common approach to responding to and delivering on the voice of the customer based on the best project management solution in the world, one that is based on PRINCE2®.
  5. Organisation-wide heightened awareness and response strategy to cyber threats to best manage customer confidence using RESILIA®.
  6. Active customer service management culture through structured Mentoring program (ICM®).


  1. Certified knowledge in the world’s best solution for great Service Management – proven out over 25 years (ITIL®)
  2. Certified knowledge in the world’s best solution for managing changing customer requirements (PRINCE2®)
  3. Certified knowledge in providing world class customer confidence (RESILIA®)
  4. Certified knowledge in promoting a culture of customer: service management (ICM®)
  5. Become part of the ultimate solution to creating outstanding customer experiences for your organization
  6. Create a four-part foundation for future career growth in an area you find most engaging

C:SM™ Realities?

The realities of the market place make the realities of C:SM™ invaluable for success, but only if delivering outstanding customer experiences is part of your company’s mission statement. And, if it isn’t currently, you might want to put it right at the top.


  1. We are in the Age of the Customer (AoC).
  2. The Voice of the Customer (VoC) has the more channels of communications than ever before in history and there is no slowing down in sight.
  3. The Internet of Things (IoT) is upon us and it is like the body language of the customer – another form of voice that will demand that it is heard.
  4. If customer are not converted to advocates by you they will be by your competitors.
  5. Sales is the life-blood of every organization and the sales people have to stay in tune with the VoC, as does operations to support sales, in an environment of mass-customization that has never been seen before.
  6. Sales and operations in most organizations are at odds with each other most of the time, as is marketing with them both, and yet they can't stay that way going forward to honor the VoC.
  7. The AoC, VoC, and IoT are upon us and new solutions are needed, built on proven foundations as there is no time for experimenting.


  1. A total solution built on over 25 years of proven leadership and excellence in Service Management
  2. Built upon the most common-language for Service and Improvements, ITIL® and PRINCE2® respectively.
  3. A model that ties every division in the company together with a focus on delivering outstanding service to every customer: internal and external
  4. A model that provides for deigned knowledge growth within key areas of your organization within the same disciplines that every member of the organization lives and breaths
  5. Finally a solution for organization-wide mentoring to insure the desired customer culture exists everywhere and to make every member of the team feel fully integrated from the very first day.
  6. Reduction in turn over as all team members are mentored from day one and each has a defined sense of purpose centered on the customer from every corner of the organization.

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