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"If you can get a vulnerability like me through cyber training then you're definitely worth your salt! I really enjoyed it" - Head of Brand, PR and Communications

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RESILIA™ Foundation and Practitioner Training Courses


Cybercrime happens every day. This means that every organization runs the risk of losing valuable information such as Customer/client data, Operational data and Market data. The consequences of such a loss can be devastating to an organization:

  • Loss of corporate reputation and customer trust
  • Financial loss and reduced productivity
  • Regulatory fines
  • Reduced competitive advantage through IP theft


So how can you protect your valued assets?


RESILIA™ is a framework of best practice designed to build cyber resilience skills across an organization. Based on the Cyber Resilience Best Practices guide it offers practical knowledge to enhance existing management strategies and help align cyber resilience with IT operations, security and incident management. Using the ITIL lifecycle it develops the skills and insight needed to detect, respond to and recover from cyber-attacks. The RESILIA™ certification program consists of a Foundation level and a Practitioner exam.


The RESILIA™ framework provides practical, pragmatic guidance aligned with common approaches and standards that provides a management system involving people, processes and technology. IT and business staff will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to design and deliver cyber resilient strategies.


Exams by level


Leader Engagement and CYBER Awareness Training


As well as standard Foundation and Practitioner training courses, we also offer the Ocean's 99 - Cyber-Resilience Simulation.


The Ocean's 99 practical activities can be combined with Foundation and Practitioner training courses to help bridge the cap between training and implementation.


Ocean's 99 can also be used to promote a greater understanding of Cyber-Resilience prior to undertaking a full RESILIA training programme.

Cyber Compliant Does NOT Mean Cyber Protected: Introducing AXELOS RESILIA ™

Many organizations are cyber compliant these days. But cyber compliance doesn’t mean an organization is cyber secure or cyber resilient. There are some alarming new numbers  about cyber security breaches:

  • Human error is involved in more than 95% of security incidents (IBM ‘2014 Cyber Security Intelligence Index’ report)
  • 50% of people open and click on phishing emails within an hour of receiving them (Verizon ‘2015 Data breach investigations’ report)
  • 205 days: the average length of time between an initial cyber security compromise and when the victim discovers the attack (Mandiant)

What does real cyber security look like? Its foundation is cyber resilience. Cyber resilience demands a "whole system” approach that depends upon your people just as much as your technology.


To instill cyber resilience in your whole organizational culture,  you need RESILIA™ Cyber Resilience Best Practice training launched by AXELOS, the owner of Global Best Practices including ITIL.


At Zindiak, we have recently added AXELOS RESILIA™  to our training and certification portfolio. To understand the impact of RESILIA™ take a look at this case study [Building Cyber Resilience from the Board down]  and see how your organization needs RESILIA™ Cyber Resilience training.


If you would like to learn more, please email or call 0800-246-1-4680800-246-1-468 FREE.

Cyber Resilience: Everyone has a role to play

If you read the previous section about AXELOS RESILIA™ Cyber Resilience training, you may remember two of the more alarming facts about cyber security breaches:

  • First, that human error is a factor in more than 95% of security incidents;
  • Second, that 50% of people open and click on phishing emails within an hour of receiving them.

It’s clear that your employees are the frontline of security for your organization. Since it’s no longer  an option to ignore cyber security issues  in an increasingly digitized, global economy, you may already have invested in some cyber security training in your organization.


But is there a gap between  knowing cyber security best practices and integrating them into  your organization through  people, process and technology. Training in AXELOS RESILIA™ Cyber Resilience Best Practices, at Foundation or Practitioner Level,  is designed to build cyber resilience skills across your organization. It offers a framework for practical knowledge which will enhance existing management strategies and help you align cyber resilience with IT operations, security and incident management. Learn more about the benefits of RESILIA certifications.


Contact us today on 0800-246-1-4680800-246-1-468 FREE or at to discuss the training needs of your organization.

ROI: Leverage your ITSM Investment into Cyber Security

Over the years, your organization has  invested in IT Service Management best practices training, with the aim of generating  more value for the business.  Did you know that with AXELOS RESILIA™ best practice training, you can increase your ROI in ITSM, leveraging your existing  investment to  build cyber resilience across your organization?


Read this whitepaper by Stuart Rance on Cyber Resilience and ITSM Working Together to Secure the Information Your Business Relies on.

AXELOS RESILIA™ Cyber Resilience Best Practice covers a range of cyber resilience practices and activities across the ITIL lifecycle and provides understanding of  how many of the processes and activities described by ITIL can be used to support an organization’s cyber resilience strategy.


There is no time to lose: cyber security is the Number One topic for organizations today. You’ve already got the ITSM best practices in place - why not increase your ROI and develop real cyber security by training your people in cyber resilience?


There is an AXELOS RESILIA™ Cyber Resilience training appropriate for all members of your organization, providing everyone  with the understanding and confidence to react and act on cyber security risks more effectively.

Increase your ROI:  Contact us today to find out more about RESILIA™ training solutions for you and your team. You can reach us at 0800-246-1-4680800-246-1-468 FREE or

Bridging the Gap in Cyber Security: How to Bounce Back after Cyber Attack

With the perpetual threat of cyber attacks, you need to worry about more than prevention - you also need to worry about your organization’s  response following a security breach.That’s where cyber resilience is so relevant: as the word suggests, to be ‘resilient’ means being able to ‘bounce back’ after an attack


In fact cyber resilience best practices as delivered in our portfolio of AXELOS RESILIA™ trainings and certifications, refers to whole-system thinking.

Cyber resilience is about resisting, responding to and recovering from attacks that will compromise the information you require to do business. It’s also about whole-organization participation. Investing in technology and leaving the IT department with full responsibility for cyber security simply isn’t effective.


Don’t put your cyber security in a silo; bridge this gap with RESILIA™ cyber resilience training. It includes guidance in such areas as creating ongoing cyber attack drills to train your people’s response and recovery strategies and skills.Your people are your greatest asset in helping your organization detect, respond to and recover from a cyber attack. Cyber resilient behaviours need to be embedded across the organization.

At Zindiak, we offer you the full portfolio of RESILIA training and certifications from Foundation to Practitioner, helping your organization bridge the gap and learn to bounce back after cyber attack. Contact us today AT 08 00-246-1-4680800-246-1-468 FREE OR to discuss our training possibilities.


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