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RESILIA™ Awareness Learning

A vital component of any Cyber Resilience improvement programme is continual awareness learning for the whole organisation to compliment RESILIA training for selected individuals.

Our RESILIA Awareness Learning is fully accredited and supported by AXELOS.

It is arranged in ten generic areas of cyber resilience shown below. With additional guidance provided for specific functions.


Activities for each area are provided in different formats including: games, e-learning and annimations.

BYOD Smart Device

Understand what risks these bring, what basic measures should be taken to protect yours and the organizations sensitive information.


Information Handling

How should different types of information be stored, shared and used (using appropriately secure methods).



Online Safety

Learn the Basics of how to work online safely and responsibly and how to protect sensitive information when browsing.



Personal Information

Learn What constitutes personally identifiable information, what the individual’s responsibilities are to help keep this information secure.




Understand how phishing emails are used to steal sensitive information, launch cyber-attacks, and how to prevent them.


Remote and Mobile Working

What are the risks of working outside your organization's secure premises and networks and how to protect your and your organisation's information when working in public locations. 

Removable Media

Understand risks of using removable media, when it should be used and what precautions to take to protect information.


Social Engineering

Learn how our willingness to helps others is abused to launch cyber attacks. How to recognise a social engineering attack and what actions to take to avoid being social engineered.

Social Media Protection

Understand how to use social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs etc) securely and responsibly and where the boundary lies between personal and organization information that you might post.



Password Safety

Understand how passwords should be efficiently and securely set and stored, how to help prevent your password being compromised to gain unauthorised access to critical information and services.

Functional Areas

Call Centre

Learn about the specific risks and responsibilities you face in a customer service or call centre environment, including how to recognise and respond to threats such as a social engineering attack and how to properly deal with confidential customer information.

Human Resources

Learn about the specific risks and responsibilities you face in a Human Resources role, including how to properly handle with personal information, what risks and attacks you may face and how to respond to those.



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