Students can bring complaints to any of Zindiak Limited’sstaff during course delivery times. All complaints/grievances are followed up immediately by Zindiak Limited’smanagement with the instructor and/or student and issues are resolved accordingly.

Complaints are stored in the Zindiak LimitedIssue and Complaint log by the administrator. A recipient of a complaint should forward it on to the administrator for logging no longer than 24 hours after the complaint is received. The logged complaint will be given an owner by the director (Training or Consulting) of the division to which it relates. The owner will be responsible for solving or escalating the complaint and that person should be made aware of the complaint that has been logged. 

Complaints are assigned a priority based on the scale below: 
• Priority 1 – Needs to be addressed and resolved within 24 hours
• Priority 2 – Needs to be addressed within 24 hours and resolved within 1 week
• Priority 3 – Needs to be addressed within 24 hours and resolved within 4 weeks


Priority 1: Issues are customer satisfaction related.

Priority 2: Issues are system problems that are not disrupting the delivery of services.

Priority 3: Issues are process issues that do not need to be urgently addressed. 

The issue owner, as determined by the Training/Consulting Director should update the complaint log when the issue has been resolved. The Operations Director is responsible for reviewing the complaints log daily to insure all complains are addressed within 24 hours. Complaints that are not resolved in the appropriate time frame should be escalated to the Managing Director by the Operations Director. 

The procedure for handling complaints and appeals is well known by all personnel and is accessible to customers and other interested parties. Our goal is to work on complaints to the satisfaction of the complainant by way of applying a customer-oriented approach. 

Feedback from customers, which also includes complaints, is considered an opportunity for improvement of our services. For this reason, we are open to all feedback, including complaints, and show an appropriate commitment during processing of complaints and actions taken.